These are extraordinary times that require extraordinary advice.  The hallmark of LLF has been the ability to achieve successful results.  LLF quickly assesses a client’s circumstances, obtains a clear understanding of the client’s objectives, designs an action plan to accomplish those objectives and assists the client in implementing the strategy.

There are many substantive areas of law in which LLF attorneys do not practice.  LLF believes clients are best served by referring them to professionals who are experts in other practice areas and are known to and trusted by LLF attorneys.

In today’s world, getting the right answers for clients is not nearly enough.  LLF delivers imaginative solutions timely and cost effectively through use of its state of the art technology.  LLF makes extensive use of technology by retrieving, analyzing, storing and communicating information.  Our use of technology permits leveraging LLF’s vast substantive legal knowledge for the benefit of the clients we serve.   

Many people believe a big law firm is the way to go.  People assume that a big law firm must be successful.  However, many have discovered that big isn’t always better. At LLF, we prove every day that it’s not the size of the firm that matters but the magnitude of the skills, ingenuity and resourcefulness of our team that attracts and retains clients.

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